Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Trees Being Salvaged On Hospital Campus And Nearby

Trees on Sand Point Way that are being dug up for new traffic lights

A recent post on the Hospital's Construction Blog talked about how Jeff Hughes, Grounds and Sustainability Manager, is always on the lookout for trees to salvage and re-use.

The post says:
Jeff Hughes is constantly saving or recycling trees displaced by construction around our campus.  
The latest example: six trees that must be removed from the median on Sand Pont Way NE near 40th Avenue NE where a new traffic light and bike/pedestrian crossing will be installed.  
Hughes will dig up three cedar trees and replant them in a nearby site on campus. Three pin oaks, which wouldn’t survive being transplanted, will be cut down but their wood will be saved to create benches.  
During a visit to a local nursery, Hughes  spotted 11 large river birches that were slated to be cut down because they were growing near power lines. He purchased the trees for pennies and two are planted in front of the Hartman Building and the others are destined for a bioswale on the construction site, where their tolerance for moisture makes them a perfect fit.  
The river birches in front of the Hartmann Building are part of frontage improvements completed this fall. The landscaping also includes three mature boxwoods salvaged from the Building Hope site and a form of ground cover called pig squeak that Hughes introduced on campus years ago – in part because he knew he could transplant clumps of it later as it grew and spread.
(photo courtesy of Hospital)

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