Thursday, December 20, 2012

Subscribe Now To Laurelhurst Private Security Patrol

It's that time of the year again to subscribe and participate in the Laurelhurst Private Security Patrol, offered by the Laurelhurst Community Club.

The boundaries cover the entire neighborhood area south of Sand Point Way from Mary Gates Way to NE 55th Street and patrol is performed by uniformed, off-duty Seattle Police officers.

Officers carry police radios and their police firearms, and drive unmarked personal vehicles. They monitor incoming 911 calls and respond to Laurelhurst calls if on patrol and work with the official response from the on-duty police officers.

Officers also conduct vacation checks if requested, by doing a walk around of your premises during each shift and securing any open doors, hiding packages, or removing door tags.

The plan currently provides coverage six nights a week and is dependent on the number of subscribers. The more families that subscribe, the more coverage that can be offered. 

Neighbors can also join at any time during the year and neighborhood institutions such as schools, churches, etc. can also participate.

You can subscribe here.

For questions contact LCC’s Crime Prevention team at

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