Thursday, November 8, 2012

Reader Reports Unusual Green Color In The Lake

We received this email and pictures from a reader last Thursday, November 1st:

My daughter was out walking her dog at the shore access, Waterway No. 1 ( where NE 35th Street meets 42nd Avenue NE, with the basketball court),  and saw this fluorescent green liquid in the lake! At first she thought it had something to do with Halloween.

She took pictures of it and showed me. I wasn't sure what it was so called 911. The fire department responded promptly and they weren't sure what it was either.

The good firefighters called and found out that this is some sort of fluorescent dye put into the drainage system to track drainage patterns by SPU.

It is harmless to fish and all living creatures. Still, it was a bit of a Halloween afternoon scare.

Turns out there is a number you can call if you see funny stuff in the lake. Seattle Public Utilities has a hotline which is  386-1800.  Thought I would share both the pictures and the hotline number.

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