Monday, October 15, 2012

Several Cars Egged At Top Of The Beach Club Hill

We received this email from a reader:
Laurelhurst Blogger, 
Can you please let your readers know that there was an incident of cars getting egged on late night October 13th/early am Octeober 14th?  
 It occurred at the intersection of NE 41st Street and 51st Avenue NE (at the top of the Beach Club hill). 
Several cars were hit, creating quite a mess. We are new to the neighborhood, so it was our first time to be hit. We hear that this has occurred before.  
Some of the involved neighbors are looking into getting video surveillance or other security measures in place. If anyone else is interested please contact who will put you in touch with one of the neighbors in that area.

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Anonymous said...

I noticed egg cartons up at the park the weekend before last as well. My car was egged last year by the park and it caused over $1000 worth of damage to my paint. If someone loses control of their car if caught be surprise, it quickly turns from a prank to something more serious.