Monday, June 18, 2012

Do You Have Information On Parked Car Hit On Sunday?

A reader sent us this information:

Around 6:30am on Sunday, June 17th, our car was hit while parked in front of our house on the 3800 block of 46th Avenue NE.   
The driver left the scene, but a large piece of the other car (bumper/under bumper of a black car) was left behind in the street.  The police responded quickly and believe that the other car was a black Toyota, based on the piece they collected.   
As it was very early, we believe it may have been someone who was parked on the street or nearby overnight.  
If readers saw anything, or have noticed a black car with damage to (or missing) the front right bumper, we would appreciate any tips, as there is significant damage to our car.  Thank you!

Please email if you have any information.

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