Friday, March 16, 2012

Benefit Concert At St. Stephens Church Tonight With Local As Well As Canadian Choirs

Jenna, with  the Con Brio Women's Choir, would like to let the community know that she and the choir along with the Philomela Women's Choir, visiting all the way from Victoria, will be holding a beneift concert tonight at 7:30pm at St. Stephens Church (4805 NE 45th Street), with all proceeds going to the Eastside Domestic Violence Program.

Jenna told us that Con Brio travelled to Victoria BC in 2010 where they performed in a joint concert with Philomela.

"When we found out that Philomela was traveling to Seattle, we decided to team up here instead. Each choir has uniquely decided which pieces to perform.  We chose music to celebrate the cultures of the women in our choir; to that end, we will be singing 5 Hebrew Love Songs and a beautiful French aria by Cesar Franck," Jenna told us.

She added that many of the women in the choir have donated time, energy, and money to the work going on at Eastside Domestic Violence Program. And when it was decided that tonight's concert would be a benefit, members of the choir came forward asking for this special cause.

As written on their website: Eastside Domestic Violence Program's goal is to support the path of all survivors as they work to be self-sufficient and free from violence.  Their programs and services are diverse and range from shelters to counseling.

Suggested donation for the concert is $10.

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