Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Reader Displaying Art Work At Nearby Gretchen's To Raise Funds For New Service Dog

One of our readers, Jessica, sent us email that her artwork is on display for a special cause for the next 2 months at Gretchen's Place (5432 Sand Point Way Northeast) at Sand Point Village.

She writes:
I am a local artist with a disability.  I was partnered with a golden retriever service dog, my best friend until her death from cancer in 2010. 
I am now in the process of fundraising for my future service dog, specifically through selling my artwork including a limited edition print line of my beloved Hope.

Along with several samples of my 'Hope Print', also available on my website, there area handful of other pieces on display, all sales going to my service dog fundraiser (managed by a 501(c)3 nonprofit).

This project is special to me because it both memorializes my past service partner, Hope, and it is a fundraiser for my future service dog, giving me hope to go on.
More information about Jessica can be found on her blog including information about her late dog in which she says "She became an extension of me, an intricate part of my ability to function.  With Hope by my side doors began to open. I discovered my life passion–art. With her assistance I was able to attend classes, engage in the arts community, successfully show my work, and discover my true style."

Along with a selection of Jessica's Hope prints, also showcased at Gretchen's will be some of her other works incuding the "Tree Series"which are larger Monoprints on top of a black background, which result in "creating unique and varied images,"her website says.

Jessica is selling 200 limited edition prints, size 4.5×6″ on 8×11″ high quality printmaking paper for a $25  donation.

Jessica's story, pictures of her late dog and photos of her artwork can be found here or on Facebook. 

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