Friday, February 17, 2012

Laurelhurst Beach Club Board Accepting Applications For General Manager Position

The Laurelhurst Beach Club is actively looking for a new General Manager for this summer,.  The previous manager for the past three summers is not returning.

The Board sent us some information about the open General Manager position, which among many duties detailed below, is responsible for managing the lifeguard, front desk and sailing program staff,  as well as overseeing the business administration and facilities maintenance and reports to Beach Club Board President and Chairpersons.

The position requires strong leadership and organizational skills, experience working with children and families, and
is also responsible for providing outstanding customer service and creating and maintaining an environment that is safe.  

Here is the job description:

  • Hire, train and supervise the Lifeguard Manager, Front Desk Manager and staff, Facilities Manager position,  Sailing Program Manager and staff
  • Manage staff and handle personnel issues
  • Monitor staffing plan and establish procedures for personnel reviews
  • Schedule and facilitate weekly staff meetings.
  • Develop and oversee monthly In-service training programs for staff to promote safety. 
  • Liaise with the current Business Manager  to establish cash flow, budget and payroll procedures
  • Report all income and expenses (including wages) to LBC Treasurer and operate within the approved LBC budget
  • Lead training and certification of lifeguard staff prior to opening day in early June.
  • Provide staffing or ensure senior guard on duty during all hours of operations.
  • Be available on call.
  • Hours to be present, at a minimum, Wednesdays-Sundays during the season (early June – Labor Day in 2012).
  • Enforce all club rules.
  • Oversee and conduct daily safety checks of LBC equipment and the surrounding beach club area, and report problems to
  • the appropriate person(s).
  • Ensure that facility, including club buildings and grouds are well-maintained and clean
  • Review and/or create and update all procedural practices and manuals (emergency procedures, cleaning check-lists,
  • opening and closing procedures, check-in procedures, supply ordering, store purchases and sales, etc.)
  • Coordinate and manage special including 4th of July, Kids Overnight, Adult Party, Ice Cream Social, Movie Nights, Summer Sailing Series and Sailing Instruction camps.
  • Recommend and implement additional summer and off season events to provide the membership opportunities to utilize
  • their club.
  • Recommend membership policy changes and LBC rule changes as needed.
  • Provide LBC Board with post-season review – summary of staff evaluations & recommendations, and maintenanceand facility recommendations.
  • Ensure facility is opened-up properly for start of season.
  • Supervise administration and tracking of swim tests levels for children under 12.
  • Supervise members and guests – including tracking access to the club.
  • Monitor security program for the LBC.
  • Supervise concessions sales/ice cream program.
  • Coordinate and manage kayak and paddle board program.

Off-season duties:
  • Manage staff selection process – solicit and accept applications, conduct interviews, create job descriptions and
  • employment contracts.
  • Work with LBC chairpersons to create staffing budget for upcoming season.
  • Develop the LBC operations plan – shift responsibilities, rotations and schedules.
  • Work with the LBC board to develop LBC calendar, LBC schedule, LBC hours, etc.
  • Review and/or create procedural manuals and update as necessary.
  • Create a training plan for staff – certification updates, initial in-service and then monthly in-services.
  • Work with LBC Board to determine list of “To Do” items for pre and post season work parties.
  • Order all appropriate supplies and materials for staff and facility, as needed - guard uniforms, safety equipment, sailing
  • equipment, front desk supplies, ice cream program supplies, etc.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Needed:
  • Ability to positively interact with members and guests.
  • Work outdoors and will include exposure to all types of weather conditions
  • Knowledgeable in areas of maintenance, personnel supervision, and public relations. 
  • Must hold current Red Cross CPR and First Aid certificates as of the date of hire
  • Ability to carry out task initiatives, work under minimal supervision; demonstrate ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.
  • Prevent accidents through rule enforcement; remain calm in emergency situations, analyze and correct facility hazards and establish and implement facility emergency procedures.

The salary is dependent upon qualifications and experience, ranging from $15,000-$17,000 for the season with additional  seasonal bonus eligibility.

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