Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Aerial Photo Of Hospital And Construction Update

Aerial view of hospital campus taken on February 15th

The Children's Hospital Construction Blog recently posted aerial photos of the campus including the new buildings showing the progress made in the last few months.

The blog posts says:
Continuing to document the progress of our expansion through aerial photos, you’ll now see some very bright color on the new building taking shape (it’s not actually the color of the new building’s exterior, just the materials underneath).
No longer naked steel beams, you can now see the exterior walls and windows being added, and the sky bridge that connects the new and existing hospital buildings.
Soon, crews will start installing stone shingles and metal panels that will make up the majority of the exterior enclosure; the glass awnings and colored glass fins will follow, ctivities that will continue into summer.
For questions and general information call 206-987-6197. For the 24-Hour monitored Emergency Hotline call 206-971-3316.

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