Friday, January 6, 2012

Memorial For Former Pinochhio's Toys Owner Tomorrow

Alixandra Beuche, granddaughter of Judith Beuche, a long time resident of the Laurelhurst community and owner of Pinocchio's Toys for 38 years formerly located on Blakely Avenue, would like to let the community know about a memorial gathering for her grandmother tomorrow, who passed away in October.

The memorial will be at 13 Coins Restaurant (125 Boren Ave. North) from 2-4pm tomorrow.   And Alix says that she and her mother, Kim, would like to invite members of the community to this event which is open to anyone who loved her grandmother and their family business. 

She adds:
Judith Anne Beuche owned Pinocchio's Toys and lived in Laurelhurst for over thirty years. Toys were her passion and her store was adored by the community. She loved working with children and believed in the ability of toys to nurture the imagination and encouraged the young minds of tomorrow to never forget its power. She loved red geraniums, artichokes, her home and above all her family.

Judy was a mother and grandmother and was a huge part of our lives. She always reminded us to approach the world and its challenges with love and acceptance. She was a strong woman who believed in the value of love above all things. If there was anything she would want us all to remember, it is to never forget to love each other unconditionally.

It is because of her steadfast belief in the goodness of other people that she overcame immense challenges and accomplished everything she set her mind to. She was the toy store lady to many, the lady in red to a few and a mother to us.

In memory of Judy, we will enjoy her favorite music, flowers and food tomorrow at 13 Coins. Please join us to rejoice in her legacy as the owner of one Seattle's most treasured independent businesses and beloved member of this community!
Here is their facebook page.

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