Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Recently Installed Speed Cushions Help To Calm Traffic On NE Surber Drive

In case you haven't noticed, speed cushions have been installed on NE Surber Drive between NE 41st Street and 41st Avenue NE, due to numerous neighbors raising concerns about speeding cars, over the last several years.

This corridor has been on SDOT’s priority funding list and SDOT wrote to the Laurelhurst Community Club in June of this year, that funds were finally available to "address the relatively high speeds three inch high asphalt speed cushions," after more than 60 percent of affected neighbors signed a petition submitted in July.

Recently, these speed cushions were installed to calm traffic on the long stretch, along with "Speed Bump Ahead" signs. 
The three inch high asphalt speed cushions do not affect on street parking, SDOT says. 

Surber Drive is a very well travelled road used by pedestrians going to various locations, including walking to the park, Husky games, University VIllage, Yesler Swamp, or the Talaris site.

"Slowing traffic for the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists is a LCC priority, and the Surber Drive project is a welcome move,"  the Laurelhurst Community Club told us.

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