Friday, October 28, 2011

UW Launches New Neighborhoods Website

The UW Office of Regional and Community Relations announced this week the launching of 13 new web portals spotlighting local neighborhoods called  UW in Seattle Neighborhoods.

UW in Seattle Neighborhoods is organized into geographic areas within the City of Seattle according to a system developed by the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods.  Laurelhurst is included in the Northeast Seattle "neighborhood." Such facts as how many students, UW employees and alumni are given.

Information for the website was gathered from departments and other informational resources within the University; historic archives and websites; the City of Seattle; community and non-profit organizations; community blogs and websites; and UW alumni. 

The website "tells the story of how the UW has contributed to shaping great Seattle communities over its 150 year history, including local landmarks, people and programs that continue to have an impact today."

The website is in the first phase as new information as it develops.  Readers can send suggested updates to, or mailed to Web Portals/Regional and Community Relations/UW Box 351243/Seattle 98195-351243.   Comments about the website can be posted to the UW community blog.

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