Monday, October 10, 2011

Neighbors Encouraged To Attend Tonight's Community Club Meeting Regarding Impending Fate Of Community Center

Neighbors are strongly encouraged to attend tonight's Laurelhurst Community Club Board Meeting where the Director of Seattle Parks and Recreation will discuss the pending drastic cut in even more hours slated for the Laurelhurst Community Center, Jeannie Hale, LCC President told us.

Mayor Mc Ginn has proposed in his 2012 Budget plan to once again reduce the Laurelhurst Commnity Center's hours from 35 to 25 hours, including also the reduction of hours at Magnuson Community Center. This means numerous classes and programs will be cut at both Community Centers, including potentially the annual neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt and Salmon Bake put on this year by the Magnuson Community Center staff.

Here is tonight's agenda for the meeting which will be held at the Laurelhurst Community Center in the Fireside Room.

 ·        Cuts in Community Center Funding:  Sue Goodwin, Director of Recreation, Seattle Parks and Recreation Department

 ·         Calls/Concerns from Neighbors
 ·         Minutes
 ·        Treasurer’s Report
 ·        Changes to the Agenda
 ·        Announcements

 ·        Crime Prevention/Emergency Preparedness
 ·        Sock Drive
 ·        Proposition No. 1—Increased Vehicle License Fee
 ·        SR 520 Update

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