Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Metro Bus Route 65 Now Serving Children's Hospital Via 40th Avenue NE

Map of change to Route 65

Map of route change

Route 65 has begun serving Children’s Hospital this month with the recent revision aimed at providing improved access to the hospital.

The route was moved from 35th Avenue NE to 40th Avenue NE between NE 55th Street and NE 45th Street/Sand Point Way NE.  There were no changes to the route north of NE 55th Street or west of NE 45th Street/Union Bay Place. 

Route 65 will serve all existing stops along its new routing on NE 55th Street and Sand Point Way NE/NE 45th Street, as well as some new stops along 40th Avenue.

The change adds approximately two to three minutes of travel time for riders who travel through the revised area.

Here is a map of the route change.

The Metro information says:
Metro is making this change in order to serve the significant numbers of employees, volunteers, and visitors to Seattle Children's Hospital who live in areas served by Route 65. Also, the businesses and apartments along the revised routing can potentially provide more riders than the single-family homes and cemetery along 35th Avenue NE and NE 45th Place between NE 55th Street and NE 45th Street.

Metro is currently working to adopt a proposed standard for making changes to existing routes in order to attract more riders at the expense of additional travel time for customers who already use the routes. This revision to Route 65 would meet this standard, since the expected number of new riders is enough to outweigh the added travel time for existing customers.

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