Friday, September 16, 2011

Take A Canoe Tour Through Yesler Swamp On Sunday

Friends of  Yesler Swamp will launch a free two-hour canoe tour, Sunday from 12:45 - 3pm , to see wildlife and plants in the waters of Yesler Swamp led by Scott Schuldt, noted local artist and canoeist. Check out The Seattle Times coverage on the swamp tour!

Scott will point out the wildlife and native plants in the waters of Yesler Swamp as well as some of the non-native plants that threaten Yesler Swamp.

The canoe trip, will met at the UW Waterfront Activities Center, located just east and behind the Husky Football Stadium (3900 Montlake Boulevard  NE) at 12:4pm.

Canoes can be rented for $10 an hour for two hours. Children are welcome, but they must weigh at least 25 pounds and be able to walk. All participants must wear personal life preservers.

Participants with their own canoes, paddle boards or kayaks can launch from the Belvoir Place Park dock or other docks and meet us in the Yesler Swamp lagoon at 1:40pm,  when the tour group is expected to arrive on the waters near Yesler Swamp.

For further information about the canoe tour, contact Fred Hoffer at 206-422-1331 or visit Yesler Swamp By Canoe! at Friends of Yesler Swamp.

The canoe tour is the first in a series of Third Sunday Swamp Walks sponsored by Friends of Yesler Swamp which will be led by a variety of experts.

"We expect to explore Yesler Swamp wildlife and plants and history – everything from mushrooms and dragonflies to Henry Yesler to beavers!" the blog says.

(photo courtesy of Yesler Swamp Blog)

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