Wednesday, September 21, 2011

City Giving Away Free Toilets To Qualifying Residents

Tina with the Seattle Public Utilities, wanted us to pass along this information about free high-efficiency toilets available to qualifying city residents.

The program is open continually with no deadline for application.

The information says:

Toilets offered by Seattle Public Utilities flush well, help conserve water, and save homeowners money. Replacement of older toilets with high-efficiency models can save a family of four up to 24,000 gallons of water and $140 each year.
If you meet the following criteria and income guidelines, you can qualify for free toilets and installation by a licensed professional plumber:
  • You are a homeowner of any age with a Seattle Public Utilities account.
  • You currently live in the home you own.
  • Your existing toilets were manufactured before 1994
  • You meet income guidelines for your household size

 Here are the income guidelines by number of people in the family, annual income and monthly income:
  • 1 - $30,036; $2,503
  • 2 - $39,276; $3,273
  • 3 - $48,516; $4,043
  • 4 - $57,756; $4,813
  • 5 – $66,996; $5,583
  • 6 – $76,236; $6,353

The Seattle Human Services Department’s Mayor’s Office for Senior Citizens is partnering with Seattle Public Utilities and Senior Services’ Minor Home Repair program on this program.

Go here for more information.

To sign up or get more information, please contact Minor Home Repair at 206-448-5751 (TTY 206-448-5025) or

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