Thursday, August 18, 2011

Do City Potholes Repairs Last Only A Short Time Then Wash Away?

The Laurelhurst Community Club sent us the below copy of an email they sent to several City Council  members after reading the post we did yesterday titled Over 19,000 Potholes Fixed So Far This Year In Seattle.

LCC raises the issue about the way the City fixes potholes, and how quickly the repairs disintegrate:

To: Councilmember Jean Godden, Chair of the Budget Committee
CC: Councilmember Tom Rasmussen, Chair of the Transportation Committee, Peter Hahn, Director of the City’s Department of Transportation
Here is a posting from the Laurelhurst Blog about potholes.  While it is always prudent to fix potholes, the fixes do not seem to last very long.  After a few hard rains, the new pothole fixes seem to wash away. 

We wonder whether the increase in crews to fix potholes is worth the cost for these temporary fixes.  Are there different processes or materials that could make the program more effective in fixing potholes? 

As we approach the budget planning season where resources will again be scarce, perhaps you should ask this question?

Likely, SDOT engineers and staff are aware of the many resources and options about potholes and can brief your committee about this.  

For example, one article states that a pothole patch can be considered a permanent repair lasting for years if the crews have removed the pavement down to subgrade or intermediate subbase layer and hot mix asphalt is used, rather than a cold mix.  

Here is a link to one article

During your budget process, we hope that you will review this issue to promote safe streets.

Laurelhurst Community Club

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