Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Applications Due Thursday For City's Free Trees Progam

The City of Seattle's Trees For Neighborhood Program is once again offering free trees and applications are due September 1st.

The Trees for Neighborhoods program helps Seattle residents plant trees in their yards and along their streets. Participants in the program receive free trees, watering bags,  training on proper planting and care, coupon for free Groco compost  and ongoing care reminders and workshop opportunities.

Some of the rules are:
  • Trees should be planted anywhere in residential yards, but must be planted at the address on the application. 
  • Participants must obtain permits if planting street trees – reLeaf staff will coordinate acquiring permits. Receiving a permit is not guaranteed. No permit is required for yard trees.
  • Participant must be present at the planting training to pick up the tree(s), which should be planted shortly after receiving them.
  • The number of trees approved for particiant's yard may be fewer than the number requested as tree availability is not guaranteed. 
  • Tree supply is limited and applications will be accepted on a first come first served basis, so apply early!
Particpants are encouraged to read descriptions carefully of each tree and envision what the tree will look like in 30+ years.

The City says that "Larger trees provide greater benefits to your neighborhood and our environment than smaller trees. They control more water, provide more shade in the summer, breathe in more carbon dioxide and breathe out more oxygen than smaller trees. For these reasons, the City of Seattle recommends planting larger trees whenever appropriate. "

Trees will be available in late October and early November.  Yard tree applications are due by October 24th.

To apply on-line go here and for more information go here or call 206-615-1668.

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