Thursday, July 21, 2011

UW Farm Starting New Market Garden At Center For Urban Horticulture

Elizabeth, Education Coordinator for the UW Student Farm, is very excited to let the neighborhood know that nearly an acre of land with be cultivated for a new market garden at the Center for Urban Horticulture field, located in Laurelhurst, in partnership with Seattle Tilth's Seattle Youth Garden Works (SYGW).

"We are excited to share our upcoming expansion with the community.  Some people might be surprised by the large space that the UW Farm, a student organization committed to growing and learning about sustainable food system, is about to occupy. bout to occupy," Elizabeth told us

As the planting begins we will need volunteers," she added.

Elizabeth told us that "SYGW empowers homeless and underserved youth through farm-based education and employment.  Agriculture and enterprise combine to create a practical and meaningful employment experience for youth. People from diverse backgrounds come together to grow food, and in the process develop personal connections to the food system."

Seattle Farm's current space is on the UW Campus, occupying about about a third of an acre and is used for experiential education as well as for  giving tours to students and community members.
Since fall 2010, the Center for Urban Horticulture., UW Farm and SYGW hve been working to form a partnershipto expand their current spaces, so that the organizations could work together in the endeavor.

Elizabeth told us that they will be breaking ground very soon at the Center for Urban Horticulture, so "be on the look out for tilled ground, plant starts and plenty of activity in and around the site,"

The new farm will uttilize sustainable methods for growing the food. And since it a market garden, the food will be the SYGW booth at the University District Farmers Market, and to Housing and Food Services on the UW campus.

To volunteer contact Michelle at the UW Farm at or Sharon Lerman at Seattle Tilth at

A tour group at the UW Farm space

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