Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Men Only Trifecta Charity Dinner Benefitting Local Area Schools On Saturday At Secret Neighborhood Location

This Saturday is the second annual Laurelhurst Trifecta Men’s only lakeside charity dinner. 

The event, is not only a "Laurelhurst Community Building Event for Men" Mike tells us, but is a fundraiser for local area schools, including Laurelhurst Elementary, Villa and Assumption St. Bridget. 

Everyone is welcome at this unique event, and the cost is per person is $100 for the evening, with 100% of the proceeds going to the respective school of the attendee's  choice.

The event is held at a secret waterfont location in Laurelhurst,  and the evening includes appetizers, dinner and a no host bar.   The dinner is sponsored by The Edgewater Hotel, Sauza Tequila, and a host of community leaders from Laurelhurst.

Mike told us that so far this year there are 120 men attending, about the same number as last year raising $12,000 for schools.

If you would like to attend contact Mike Wayte at He will give you the party specifics, which includes the request for Hawaiian attire.

Checks only are accepted made out to the school of your choice (Laurelhurst, Villa, or ASB).

"We have attendees of all ages so please come down and meet your neighbors, the food and company will simply be great,"'Mike says.

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