Monday, June 13, 2011

Week-end Vandalism Of Street Signs Near St. Stephens Saturday Evening

A reader who lives near St. Stephens Church (4805 NE 45th Street) reported that street signs were pulled down on Saturday evening.

The email says:

Saturday evening at 11:15pm we heard two loud crashes at NE 45 Steet and 48th Avenue NE.

We went out and street signs had been pulled down.  We called the police and the patrol drove by. 

At 11:45pm we heard more noise outside.

At least two teens/young adults in a light colored sedan were trying to unscrew the school speed sign by St Stephens. They jumped in a car and sped off when they were told to scram.

The reader said she also spoke to the caretaker at St. Stephens and he said the other sign was on NE 45th Street. The caretaker also called the police and said he saw them patrol twice.

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