Monday, June 6, 2011

Waterways No.1 Spring Clean Work Party Last Month Very Productive

Jeannie Hale and Robert Lewis with bags and logs

One of the Laurelhurst Community Club Board Member's sent us an update on last month's successful Spring Clean work party at Waterway No. 1, located at 43rd Avenue NE and NE 35th Street.

Over 20 volunteers showed up to remove ivy, weed, till soil in flowerbeds, pick up litter, remove floating vegetation and decomposed plant material, eradicate noxious yellow flag irises and pull out heavy floating logs from the lake.

Volunteers filled 36 large bags and created a huge stack of logs and wood for removal for pick-up by the City.

One of the volunteers, Dave Skow,  received the unofficial “MVP” award for his efforts at the work party.

"Dave was in the water for three solid hours pushing the heavy floating logs to the area where logs could be removed from the water and assisting with log removal. Dave also won in the drawing to receive an autographed copy of Arthur Lee Jacobson’s well-regarded Trees of Seattle," the email says.
LCC would liketo thank the neighbors and especially Betsy Mullen and volunteers from University Presbyterian Church who helped with the clean-up.

"Without these hardworking volunteers, the progress made at the work party would have taken months," the Board Member wrote.

David Skow dubbed "MVP" during the clean-up project

Hard-working neighborhood volunteers
(photo courtesy of Judith Thornton)

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