Thursday, June 9, 2011

Beach Club Opens On Saturday With Work Party

Saturday is the much anticipated opening of the Beach Club for residents living within the required boundaries for membership in Laurelhurst.

The day kicks off at 9am with the annual Work Party, in whch al members are encouraged to participate to get the club ready for the summer. Coffee and donuts will be served. The Beach Club will close at 8pm.

From the Beach Club President's recent email on the need for member participation on Saturday:
Neighborhood clubs such as LBC depend on the support and participation, in many forms, of its members and member families. One such form is of course financial.  Thanks to the wise management of LBC's resources by the LBC Board, we again have been able to avoid the need to impose any significant increases in your annual dues.

Another form of participation besides dues are the annual opening and closing work parties, which are also great fun too. This year, to encourage greater member participation in these necessary (and enjoyable) events, we are allowing members to attend work parties in lieu of a $10 additional (voluntary) contribution to your annual dues.

The LBC President also stated that there will be a few changes to the physical facilities, including "modification of diving platforms and guard towers at the end of the dock."

Matt Miller will be returning again for his third summer as Manager of the LBC.

For questions or suggestions for the Beach Club, their email is

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