Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spring Clean At Yesler Swamp Last Sunday Very Productive

Carol, with Friends of Yesler Swamp, sent us email saying the Spring Clean at Yesler Swamp last Sunday mornng was a great success.

Here is her summary (also on the Friends of Yesler Swamp blog) on the clean-up:

Friends and neighbors – ranging in age from 3 to 73 – dug out a mountain of blackberries, improved the trail with loads and loads of chips, and cleared out two good-sized bags of garbage! Everyone especially appreciated the contribution of several youngsters who worked all morning collecting trash and shoveling chips.

The goal of Friends of Yesler Swamp is to restore native plants to Yesler Swamp, minimize human impact to this special environment, and conserve the abundant birds, waterfowl, and wildlife that live in the swamp.

Thanks to everyone’s hard work, Yesler Swamp is on its way to recovery!

(photos courtesy of Jean Colley)

Work Party Kids 

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