Friday, May 6, 2011

Movie Crew Filming In Laurelhurst Yesterday

Several readers sent us email asking about a film crew that was in the 3900 block of 47th Avenue NE all day yesterday.

We learned that filming was for the movie “Safety Not Guaranteed" starring Aubrey Plaza from the TV show on Thursday nights called "Parks and Recreation, " Mark Duplass, Jake Johnson and Kristin Bell who starred in "Couples Retreat."

A reader reported that the filming was going on mostly inside a house on the block. In the evening the crew did a little filming outside and the street was blocked off shortly.  And the reader added that there were lots of parents and kids watching.

Dave Drummond, Location Manager, circulated  a letter with specific information, to all nearby neighbors titled "We're Going to be filming in your neighborhood!"

The letter provided an overview of yesterday's activities which ran from 8am to about 9pm last night and the intent to work with neighbors and others affected by the filming to resolve any issues. 

Some street parking was reserved for production vehicles and equipment, resulting in restricted parking for nearby neighbors. Dave said in the letter "We understand this is an inconvenience and sincerely appreciation your cooperation."

Dave concluded the letter saying "We sincererely appreciate the opportunity to film in Laurelhurst and it is my hope to meet many of you personally."

Last week the crew was seeking unpaid extras willing to participate in a football game scene being shot tomorrow at Memorial Field in Burien.

The movie will be filming in and around Seattle until June 1st and is scheduled to be released some time next year.

It is a low budget comedy film about two magazine employees who interview a guy who placed a classified ad seeking a companion for time travel.

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