Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spots Available In Pottery Classes Starting This Week At Laurelhurst Community Center

Chris, the ceramics teacher at the Laurelhurst Community Center, sent us email saying that there are spots available in her  popular pottery classes starting this week.

"I would love to fill these classes so that we can keep the center active and peopled. I am also able and happy to create classes on request with a 6 person enrollment!" she writes to us. "I would like to try and meet the needs of the Laurelhurst parents and families first and then branch out if need be."

Chris added "I am still offering a variety of classes but my hours have severely curtailed due to staffing cuts and I am losing parent contact because of the staffing cuts am hoping that with the blog it might bring back some parents who are not able to get into the center or are having trouble navigating the system that has taken over."

She says the new registration system has also impacted her classes in particular.  With limited staff and hours at the Community Center, much of the current registration must take place at Magnuson Community Center as they are the ARC Registration headquarters for Laurelhurst now.

Chris says that even though the kids come to her at Laurelhurst and can up to a certain date register at Laurelhurst there is a cutoff date that requires them to use the Magnusen facility for in person registration.

Magnuson Community Center is located just a few miles away. To register for classes and for questions they can be reached at 684-7026.

Here is the list of classes:

Clay for Small Hands - Tuesday or Thursday 10-10:45am

This is a class made for little ones (and parents with the really young). Built around literature and focusing on beginning
literacy; specific skill building progressing to open structured play with clay. Parents are encouraged to work with their children.

Clay Creations - Tuesday or Thursday 2:30-3:15, 3:45-4:30pm

A little bit older preschoolers(or younger with parents or siblings) and early elementary students. We use literature to help develop ideas, sequencing and bring a fun element into the studio. We also just play with clay as a means to introduce skill building and community in the midst of fun. Our focus this spring will be on the animals and plants of the Puget Sound.

Clay Explorations - Tuesday or Thursday 4:45-6pm

K-6 students. Students have the opportunity to get on the wheel, learn handbuilding techniques, and apply what they have learned to their own projects as we progress through the quarter. Spring quarter will have a background focus of Puget Sound life.

Design your own class (anytime that fits)

With just 6 students you are welcome to request a class(adult or youth) or schedule a class for an in-between time on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. I would be happy to accommodate your needs and excited to provide the

Independent study-adults

This class allows you to come when your schedule permits and the center is open. Demonstrations and some
instruction occur Thursday nights from 6-8pm. Glazes, firing, are included with the class fee.

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