Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Parenting Lecture Tomorrow Night At Villa Academy

Villa Academy (5001 NE 50th Street) is having their last parent education lecture, called "Keep the Connection Alive!",  tomorrow night from 7-9pm.

Here is the information:

Keeping the Connection Alive! with Lori Gradinger of Courageous Communications

How to talk with your Middle Schooler (even when they don’t want to talk with you!)

Just when their lives get more complicated, 11-14 year-olds often stop going to their parents for advice and support. How do parents respond? What new skills are helpful? Lori Gradinger of Courageous Communications will help middle school parents, and any other parents who might want to prepare for what is to come, learn tools and tips for their new job as the parent of a pre-teen.

Lori is a communication coach and a parent who understands what you are going through. She has helped countless parents navigate through these interesting times. You will leave this evening with tools and tips that will help you know what to say and how to say it so it will be heard. There will also be time for questions and discussion.

photo courtesy of Courageous Communications website)

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