Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shoe Zoo Not Going Out Of Business But Staying Open

Last month we posted that the popular children's shoe store, The Shoe Zoo, located behind the University Village, (2920 NE Blakely Street), was going out of business after 23 years, and was scheduled to close in just a few weeks.

Word has been going around lately that the owner, Bruce Stern, has decided to stay open and give it another try. Good news for the many families that shop at the store.

Here is a letter Bruce sent out last night:

Hi Everyone,

I am really happy to write to you, in fact, I am smiling ear to ear. Needless to say, I have heard hundreds of my dearest customers express their sadness about the closing of one of their favorite stores. Trust me, it has been terribly sad for me too.

So, after weeks of sleepless nights, I've come to realize that The Shoe Zoo can and will survive.

We are going to change its format to fit our trying times. The Shoe Zoo is now going to be a store that you can always go to for really great deals on children's shoes. We will always have sale racks, with ever changing name brand shoes, marked at least 25% off, plus some of your favorite brands always marked less than anywhere else around.

The lowest prices always. Sounds great doesn't it?

New shoes are on the way so I really need some help. Please spread the word, far and wide, that we are going to give it another shot.

The wonderful neighborhood blogs did such a great job of letting my customers know we were leaving, that I'm scared they won't be back. If I didn't have such great customers I probably would not be making this decision. Listening to you express your feelings about my store has made a lasting impression on me. Regardless of how this all works out, I will never forget!

Everyone knows me, and knows that I am honest and open about things, so if there are any questions, about anything, I would be happy to answer them.

So in trying to keep this letter short and sweet, I will close by simply saying "WOOOOHOOOO!"

Thank you so much,
Bruce "The ZOO KEEPER"

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