Monday, March 28, 2011

Laurelhurst Included In Seattle Met Magazine's 20 Best Places To Live

Seattle Met Magazine just published its 20 Best Places To Live Now  "An insider’s guide to Seattle’s top neighborhoods—now and in the future" and Laurelhust was included in the list.

Here is the post about Laurelhurst and the other top neighborhoods:


• Laurelhurst •

 Laurelhurst has a reputation for being a ritzy, exclusive little burg in Northeast Seattle, and with good reason. The southern tip is all waterfront, and home prices are appropriately high. Many of those homes are, in the words of Laurelhurst Community Club president Jeannie Hale, “majestic and beautiful.” Bill Gates used to live there, and his dad still does, for crying out loud.

But once you’re there, you’re family—even if you aren’t a millionaire. Neighbors look out for each other (they’ve invested in a private security service to patrol the streets), and they’ve consistently supported ballot measures for low-income housing. “I think the perception is that everybody is very wealthy, which is far from the truth,” Hale says. “There’s a much broader mix of people, a broader diversity than many would think.”

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