Wednesday, February 23, 2011

On-Line Parking Map Indicates Available Parking And Rates

The Seattle Department of Transportation recently set up an on-line parking map for downtown, which also includes parking for neighborhood business districts. specific neighborhoods, which includes among other things, real-time open space counts.

The map shows real-time open space counts, location of on and off-street parking lots and garages, information on short-term parking, and eligibility for restricted parking zones and e-Park garages.  Also indicated on the map are general areas of paid parking and time-limited parking.

Other features on the map are the capacity to search for landmarks or a specific address to find parking nearby, searching a specific neighborhood for available parking with results showing locationsand rates.

Updated monthly are the rates and hours for garages and lots. And each night, the parking signs, garage and lot locations are updated.

For more information on parking go here and for the 2011 parking rate increases go here.

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