Friday, February 25, 2011

Coffee Rwanda Owner, Dr. Karl, Sends An Update From Kigali

We received some comments about the post we did this week on Coffee Rwanda, owned by Dr. Karl, a Laurelhurst resident.

Dr. Karl himself responded to the post directly from Rwanda, saying:

Dear Blogger-

Thanks for the wonderful post. We really appreciate the story.

We have begun digging foundations for 30 houses and moved 50 tons of stone with the help of hundreds of villagers and the local police and army!

A helicopter flew around when the groundbreaking happened and I was even asked to give a speech because of our work here.

Tomorrow the brick making machine is coming and we hope to use it to make up to 500 bricks a day. It is amazing to see all this happening in what was a field of corn and cassava.

Thanks again.

Dr. Karl

Pictured above is a Batwa Home in Bwiza Village.

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