Thursday, January 6, 2011

Update to Post on Miller-Pollard Furniture Store Closing

In case you haven't heard, the Miller-Pollard Store, closing at the end of this month, will be a new Microsoft Store.

One of our readers sent us this link from an on-line local magainze, TechFlash, with information. And the Seattle Times also did a story.

We heard from several readers that they will be sad to see Miller-Pollard Furniture Store go after so many years in the community. And especially since the owners are both Laurelhurst residents - Cope Miller and his long time partner Sally Henry - who is the wife of Jeff Fiorinni, whose family owned Fiorini Sports for several decades in the UVillage.

One reader commented in dismay that the University Village is slowly losing all of the independent retailers, "the very thing that made the University Village so special." Other readers remembered when the UVillage was small and slowly grew over time, with many of the original stores slowly disappearing over time, being replaced with chain stores.

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Anonymous said...

Fiorini's was in its last location "for several years" but the store was in the U Village for decades.