Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How To Report Potholes In The Neighborhood

With all the rain brings a lot of potholes on our streets.  Recently the City has increased its number of "Pothole Rangers" from the usual two to three to nine to deal with the backlog of requests.

The Seattle Times published a story this month about the big increase in potholes.

The Times also set up an on-line map where you can add where you have encountered potholes. And it looks as if one person in Laurelhurst has reported a pothole on NE Surber Drive 23 days ago commenting that it is 3x2 feet.

The City has set up a public website to report potholes and says that their "goal is to repair potholes within three business days of receiving a report."  You can also call 206-684-7623.

The on-line form is to report non-emergency problems such as pot holes and other minor street repairs, sidewalk safety concerns, non-working traffic signals and damaged street signs.

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