Monday, November 1, 2010

Give Input Today on 2011 Budget at City Hall Meeting

Today at 5pm, the City Neighborhood Council's Budget Committee, is holding its regular meeting, and it's open to the public to give input. It will take place in City Hall Room 370 (601 Fifth Avenue, 3rd Floor).

Chris Leman, who serves on the Budget Committee for CNC, sent us this information:

Hear the latest on discussions within the City Council, and between the Mayor and City Council, regarding where to make the needed severe budget cuts. City Councilmember Jean Godden (chair of the Council's budget committee) attended our Oct. 18 meeting, so please come today, as you never know if another Councimember may drop in!

Decisions in the next two weeks on Seattle’s two-year budget may be the most important for City government in a generation. Be a part of the process!

Go here to see the budget letter that the City Neighborhood Council sent on Friday to the City Council, after unanimously authorizing it this past Monday. The letter follows up on the July 2 budget letter that CNC sent to the Mayor and City Council. 

The City Neighborhood Council and the district councils serve as official advisory bodies rewiewing and making recommendations regarding City budget issues, including the general fund, capital and block grant budgets, and the Neighborhood Matching Fund.. City Council considers the recommendations of the City Neighborhood Council and the comments of neighborhood organizations and District Councils in its review and actions on the City budget.

Whether or not you can attend the CNC budget committee, you can let the City Councilmembers know your views by seding them email messages.

Brief public comment is also allowed at at the morning opening of the City Council's all-day Budget Committee meetings.

To see the Mayor's budget proposals, go here, and for more information on the City Council process and meeting agendas go here.

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