Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Senior and Past Laurelhurst Community Club President's Letter To City Council

Tracy, with the Save the Laurelhurst Community Center group, forwarded to us a letter that an elderly neighbor and past Laurelhurst Community Club President, wrote to City Council about the impact of the budget cuts on the Community Center.

The community is encouraged to submit comments here and they will automatically go to all City Council Members.

Tracy writes "I wanted to share this letter I received from a senior with a long family history in our neighborhood and who is advocating that LCC continue to offer programs for families. It is nice to know who we should thank for helping to create the community center we all enjoy so much today."

Here is the letter:

Dear Mr. Conlin.

Apparently under the proposed Mayor's budget the use of this facility will be limited to us seniors (I never use it anymore) and special interests (whomever they are).

My father, Edward W. Allen who died in 1976), was one of the early residents and I have lived here since 1922.

As I understand the background the early residents banded together and bought the land and gave it to the City for the park and playfield. Then a field house was built and remodeled with funds from the recent park bonds. Growing up we played a lot of sandlot ball and I think a Roy Armstrong was the supervisor.

When I was President of the Laurelhurst Community Club we worked with the Parks Department with a plan to level the play field, add parking and add kids facilities. You know eventually this all got done.

When I was Chairman of the Parks Board we added a path around the fields and improved the tennis courts but this was not due to any of my efforts! My generation is pretty well gone but the many new neighbors and children deserve the facilities we planned for them.

Thomas E. Allen

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