Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Buy An Upcycled Necklace At Neighborhood Entrepeneur's Trunk Show Friday And Support Local Refugees

Toma the Bhutanese refugee artisan, making a bracelet

Ming-Ming Tung-Edelman is a Laurelhurst mom and local entrepreneur with ventures that include a creative children's apparel line, called Totally Me Artful Wear by MiMi Bug,  designer of her own dishware and specific table manner dishes sold at Metropolitan Market and also a teacher of manners classes. 

In addition, Ming-Ming, who has been a pharmacist for 17 years, wrote a book called, MiMi Bug's Day with Friends, available in  Seattle toy shops, gift stores and local markets. The line’s name comes from her Chinese nickname, “little bug,”

On Friday from 4-6pm Ming-Ming will be having a trunk show for  MiMi Globe Necklaces at Teavana Tea Bar at the University Village.  

She told the Laurelhurst Blog Staff that she has created a line of fabric upcycled necklaces called MiMi Globe for women and children to help generate extra incomes for unemployed refugee women in Seattle, while enabling them to work from home.  She donates a portion from craft sale back to non-profits to support their mission and help refugees.  

Ming-Ming said her necklaces are created to reduce waste by re-purposing fabric no longer in use including sentimental pieces

Recently, Ming-Ming decided to partner with Women Refugee Alliance, who she met with recently and learned that they provide holistic services to help refugee and immigrant women and children to thrive. She will give 10% of the proceeds from the sale at Friday's trunk show to  this non-profit. 

Necklaces can also be purchased here and customers receive 20% off with the code:lovemimiglobe2016. 

"It would be perfect to curl up with Oprah on Mother's Day by wearing MiMi Globe necklace repurposed from Oprah's dress and  having a cup of Tevana Oprah's Chai Tea," Ming-Ming said.
Here is the link to video on Want to Get a Oprah's Hug? MiMi Globe Project.

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