Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Erratic Man Back In The Area Again

Last August, September and October, an the Laurelhurst Blog staff posted about an erratic man (pictured above in October) seen in Laurelhurst and other nearby neighborhoods scaring adults and children with his unusual behavior.

This included yelling at people, screaming obscenities, banging on car windows while people were stopped at lights, making inappropriate comments in front of children, harassing and scaring people and turning on water faucets full force in front of homes and walking away thereby leaving some houses with the potential of flooding if the residents were gone all day.

There were numerous comments posted at the time, on NE Seattle Moms Yahoo Group detailing their interactions with the male and where it occurred.

SPD Officer Strong, informed the Laurelhurst Blog in October, that the individual was arrested.  It appears he is back out on the streets again.. 

Comments are again being posted on the NE Seattle Moms Yahoo Group about encounters with the individual:

He's definitely back in the area. Just had an interaction with him, 7:15am at 58th Avenue NE and NE 70th Street. He was walking down the hill headed to the Burke Gilman, covered in a sleeping bag. Wondering if he is sleeping at the church by View Ridge Elementary?  He asked for money, and when I shared I had no cash he became belligerent. Said he works for a living and has saved the world so why do I still hate him?   He turned north on the Burke Gilman.
This is the same man that was all around NE Seattle last spring and summer.  Throughout that time, many NE SeattleMoms listserve members reported seeing him behaving as described here.  I saw him myself.  I don't believe he ever did more than yell--and he was suspected of turning on people's outdoor water because he was spotted in the vicinity of water spickets/irrigation systems turned on and left on.
I saw him around 8:00 pm on Monday evening near Ravenna Park. He was walking in the middle of the street, I was arriving home in my car. He became enraged, screaming obscenities and yelling, and seemed so angry and fixated that I decided to not park in front of my house but call the police from the end of the block. Definitely the same guy. 
I just wanted to send a message that I saw this man yesterday (Tuesday, 1/20) walking towards City People's at about 11:30 a.m.  A bicyclist happened to ride pass him and he became enraged and was yelling and screaming at her and using a lot of profanity.  Just want wanted everyone to be aware in case you happen to see him.  
By about 2:30pm yesterday, he was walking toward Ravenna Park on NE 60th still yelling obscenities. I didn't get a chance to report it.

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Anonymous said...

His name is John Harry Coleman.

Some of his records are here:

Most recent case number is 600431 I think...

But he's also involved in other cases, 598061, 581760, 565565, etc.

This is just at the city level, here in Seattle.