Friday, February 28, 2014

Long Time Nearby Knitting Store Potentially Closing


Suzy, a long time Laurelhurst resident, and avid knitter, would like to let the neighborhood know that Acorn Street Shop, a yarn and knitting store, near the University Village will be closing middle of May if a buyer is not found. The owner, Karen, is retiring.

The store has been in its current location ( 2818 NE 55th Street) for 20 years. Before that the store was in the University Village and started as a New England country store. "Soon the needlework department took over and Acorn Street became a full-fledged needlework shop," the website says.  Karen, who has a Scandinavian background, learned to knit as a child and bought the business growing it over many years. .

Suzy told us that she has found the Acorn staff "to be the most knowledgeable and friendly staff anywhere in the city."

She added "Let’s continue with this staff in this location with a new owner. Please talk to friends about this opportunity. Let’s not let all the small stores disappear.  Hopefully we can Keep this treasure in our neighborhood."

"Acorn Street Shop is a great place for those who love knitting, crochet, spinning and needlepoint" the website says.

Contact Karen at for more information.

(photo courtesy of Acorn Shop website)

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