Thursday, January 19, 2012

Metro Bus Jack Knifes And Cars Abandoned On NE 45th Street Yesterday

Metro Bus jacknifed on NE 45th Street yesterday

A Metro Bus jacknifed yesterday morning trying to climb the NE 45th Street hill and was still there with flashing lights last night.

Two other cars were also left on the hill with no drivers in sight.

 One car was trying to climb the hill last night and pass the bus and couldn't make it up then let his car back up onto a curb and got out and walked home.

Another black car pointing down hill was there since morning up on the curb.

Sledders yesterday

Metro Bus and car stuck on NE 45th Street yesterday

Biker going down NE 45th Street with spikes on the wheels

  Bus and black car stuck on NE45th Street

Bus and silver car stuck on NE 45th Street 


Sledders at the park last night

NE 45th Street yesterday

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