Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Excessive Noise Reported Again From Readers Regarding Partiers Last Night At The Park

We received this email from "Sleepless in Laurelhurst" complaining about the unusually louse noise from partiers last night at the Park:

I wanted to let you know that the kids were partying at the play-field on 45th near Laurelhurst Elementary again tonight. The noise was exceptionally loud this evening and peaked around 10:30pm.

My neighbor called 911 and apparently there was already a noise complaint called in. They were sending a police officer out to the park.

As a neighborhood, what can we do to try and deter this behavior? It is so loud and has woken me up on more than one occasion.

Just last month we posted emil another from a reader of late night reporting about all the garbage, including lighters and beer bottles left by the presumably highschool kids in the park. The reader also said he reguarly smells marijuana smoke coming from the park.

And in June another email was received from a reader about large, late night gatherings at the Fire Pit in the Park. The reader stated that close to 100 kids were drinking and carring in cases of beer. 

The reader added "The mess sunday was the worst I have seen it in a long time. We are finding not only beer cans and bottles but bags of marajuana and other drugs left behind in the dark."

Readers also report noise disturbanes all around Laurelhurst Elementary School last night and other nights, where the highschoolers park, often partying on the street near their cars or sitting in their cars smoking with very loud music going.

The sign at the Fire Pit listing the rules for use is covered in graffiti, howver here are some of the policies:

  • Please dispose of trash and ashes in the containers provided for each. (SMC 18.12.260)

  • Be considerate of others--please, no loud or amplified music (SMC 18.12.170)

  • Remember, no alcohol is allowed, and parks are drug-free zones

  • The Parks Department can also enforce the Parks Exclusion Ordinance (Seattle Municipal Code 18.12.278) which says that SPD and Parks are allowed to ban individuals from Seattle Parks for periods up to one year for violating any Park rule or provision of the Seattle Municipal Code or Revised Code of Washington.

    Jeannie Hale, Laurelhurst Community Club President, advises neighbors to always call 911 to report disturbances. The more calls SPD receives, the more they will regulary patrol the disturbance areas of the neighborhood.  When calling use the address of the Playfield (4454 NE 41st Street).

    Jeannie added, "The more neighbors that call 911while disturbanes ar happening — the greater police coverage we will receive. So calling SPD is critical."

    "A recent agenda item at a Trustee Meeting specifically on this issue is working with parents to curb this ongoing problem.  Not only are the teens causing a noise disturbance to those neighbor living near the park, leaving volumes of garbage at the Fire Pit, marking public areas with graffiti, they are also causing damage—burning whatever they can find and even cutting one of the tennis nets.  There are few dollars in the city budget to take care of these things, and repair the damage," Jeannie said.

    The Park closes at 10pm daily and everyone is required to leave at that time.

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    Patricia said...

    I called in to 911 last night at about 10:15, maybe 10:30. I am a regular caller to 911 regarding noise in the park. At first it seemed weird to be calling 911, but a few years ago we were instructed that calls coming in on 911 were logged in a manner that allows a history to be maintained, as Jeannie says. My perception is that there have been fewer parties this year- maybe?

    As a parent, it dismays me to hear the youthful hollering that seems fueled by alcohol. I'm not a curmudgeon, but I sure seem that way.