Thursday, November 19, 2020

Break-in At Former Pro Robics Building

picture of one burglar

On November 4th a break-in around 3am, at the former Pro-Robics building (3803 NE 45th Street) was reported by the owner of the building.

The owner described one of the burglars as a white male, in his 30s, brown hair, wearing a gray hoody and black pants. He was driving an older white Subaru.  The information was reported to the police.

The owner told the Laurelhurst Blog:
Three individuals, took 45 minutes casing and breaking in.  The thieves scaled the walls and broke in via a window on top floor. They were very committed and armed with pry bars and break in equipment. We have video of the suspects and the alarm sounded when they opened the door. 

The building was purchased last year by Summit Capital Partners LLC, a Real Estate investment and Development company. 

ProRobics closed last year after 30 years in that location.

The owner told the Laurelhurst Blog that his company purchased the building to renovate and have their corporate headquarters. Summit Capital Partners LLC has occupied the building for past few months and the owner said it will be fully occupied for commercial use. Recently the space has undergone some remodeling and last week the employees relocated to the back spaces to allow the flooring to be finished.  Approximately 30 staff will be working in the offices of the real estate investment company.

The owner told the Laurelhurst Blog: "We look forward to being part of the community."

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