Wednesday, October 21, 2020

What Is All The Street Work On NE 45th Street?

Neighbors have been asking about the street work currently underway on NE 45th Street in between Children's Hospital and Laurelhurst Elementary School.

Coincidentally, two separate projects were underway at the same time. One has finished on the north side of NE 45th Street and the other is still ongoing with multiple construction machines and SDOT workers, after several weeks. The work has affected the flow of traffic on NE 45th Street, sidewalk access and parking. 

The Laurelhurst Blog contacted SDOT regarding the 2 work projects posted on the signs around the work area to inquire who was responsible for each of the projects.  

One of the projects is Permit# TNPN-00-39949 managed by KC Equipment LLC.

SDOT said that this work originates from a SDOT Capital Projects work order to install curb ramps at the intersections of 45th Avenue NE/NE 45th Street and at 48th Avenue NE/NE 41st Street.

The other project, Permit #: TNPN-00-36429, was initiated by Children's Hospital and the work was done by Gary Merlino Construction. 

SDOT told the Laurelhurst Blog:

The permitted work is related to new ADA curb ramps and sidewalk paving on NE 50th Ave, new sidewalk paving on 45th Avenue NE and curb replacement on NE 45th Street.  There are new curb ramps being installed around Seattle Children’s Hospital’s campus as well as new sidewalks.

Children's Hospital told the Laurelhurst Blog:

This work occurred on NE 45th Street between the Boulevard (43rd Avenue NE and 45th Avenue and on NE 50th Street and Sand Point Way NE. The work included replacement several sections of sidewalk and installation of ADA ramps at curbs.  All work associated with this project has been completed. 

Children's maintains a "Construction Blog" which specifically details work having to do with the hospital expansion as laid out in the Master Plan.  

The Construction Blog states:

Building Care construction is underway. There will be ongoing construction activity at the hospital campus until the building opens in spring 2022. Seattle Children’s will publish a weekly post on this Construction Blog that outlines the work expected to occur the following week. Follow our progress as we expand our hospital so we can better serve the medical needs of children and teens in our region.

After the Laurelhurst Blog suggested also including work that impacts neighbors not having to do with the Master Plan or perhaps starting a neighborhood work Blog, Children's just added:

We will also post to this blog whenever a construction activity will be especially impactful to neighbors.

The Hospital added about the sidewalk project and a recent landscaping project impacting neighbors on 45th Avenue NE:

Our sidewalk project is considered as ongoing maintenance and we have not included these kinds of projects in the Construction Blog in the past. 
We will discuss how we can ensure that anything that will have a substantial impact on the neighbors could be added to the Construction Blog. 
We do not plan to add an additional blog beyond the Construction Blog. 
We will include any major projects on the Construction Blog (including major landscaping projects from now on), but very well may have smaller or more minor projects that will not be on the blog. 
We will not be including ongoing/routine campus maintenance as part of the Construction Blog. 
At times, we have delivered fliers to nearby neighbors when we have particularly impactful work and will continue to do so when we feel it is warranted. Normally we do this for night work or after hours work that might disturb neighbors during off hours, not for regular maintenance. 
We do not have any specific plans to change how we have communicated with our neighbors. 

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