Friday, May 15, 2020

Drivers Reaching High Speeds On Streets Around Laurelhurst Elementary School

The Laurelhurst Community Club (LCC) published this information in a recent newsletter:

Speeding on Arterial

Neighbors from the 4700 block of 47th Avenue NE met with District 4Council member Pedersen in mid February concerning consistently high rates of speed on 47th Avenue NE between Sand Point Way and NE 45th Street, which includes the block that Laurelhurst Elementary School is on.  
Drivers often speed at 40 to 50 mph at night and drive well over the posted 20 mph school zone speeds during the day. The existing traffic circle near the school and Sun Park has not been effective in slowing drivers. 
Traffic has increased over the years with Children's Hospital expansion and the SR520 toll increases, which has caused some drivers to change their route to the eastside. 
The recent discussion with Pedersen included the steps needed to 1) post 20 or 25 mph on this arterial 2) petition for speed bumps on 47th Avenue NE 3) clearly mark and perhaps enforce the 20 mph school zone when children are present 4) restripe speed diverts and crosswalks  and 5 ) install a speed monitoring device. 
Councilmember Pedersen was very responsive and has contacted SDOT to address these concerns.
In 2014, two residents who live near the busy NE 47th Street and 47th Avenue NE intersection, submitted an application to Neighborhood Park and Street Fund citing in their application that there was "excessive speed and lack of awareness of pedestrians around Laurelhurst Elementary during school hours," which was ultimately rejected. However, temporary radar machines were placed on NE 45th Street.

Neighbors wondered at the time why the radar machine wasn't put on the much more highly travelled vehicle and pedestrian routes of 46th and 47th Avenues NE.

One neighbor recently told the Laurelhurst Blog:

46th Avenue NE is a narrower road than most City streets and cars go very fast on that street. 47th Avenue NE seems to be used as a cut through street, almost like a freeway and has been for years. Hopefully Pedersen will have a solution soon before anyone is hurt.

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